Mancham in Prague promoting 3D film on Aldabra


Seychelles Founding President, Sir James Mancham, is at the moment in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, primarily to attend the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Mr Mancham is visiting the Czech Republic at this time as guest of Petr Keller, the producer of Starlight Pictures and Michael Havas, the screenwriter, of the 3D film “Aldabra” which is to be released for worldwide distribution in autumn 2013.

The film will offer world audiences an opportunity to see prehistoric life as it once was, untouched by men.

The former President is organising for the producer and his team to show the film in Seychelles soon after its release, possibly under the patronage of President James Michel.

Mr Mancham, accompanied by Gwilym Sicobo who is the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador in the Czech Republic, will today be the guest of the keeper of Prague Zoo to say “Hello” to the 12 giant tortoises from Aldabra whose habitat was damaged by the recent flooding.

President Mancham and Mr Sicobo will discuss with the zoo keeper their initiative to invite Friends of Seychelles in the Czech Republic to finance a new home to house the tortoises.

The arrival of Mr Mancham to the Czech Republic has attracted considerable media attention. Last week, the popular monthly magazine “Koktejl” carried a 3-page interview with the former President.

Yesterday afternoon, he was expected to give an exclusive interview to Tomas Kvlana for the Aspen Institute Quarterly Review.

His visit to Prague Zoo today will be covered by Czech TV, following which there will be a radio interview by the popular broadcaster LucieVyborna. He has also agreed to give an interview with MladaFrontaDnes which is the nation’s largest daily newspaper and a media partner of the production of “Aldabra”.

This evening, Mr Mancham will be given a special screening of the “Aldabra” trailer.
He will leave Prague for London on Friday.

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