2011 Gusi Peace laureates


Thank you for publishing the news that I have been awarded the “Gusi Peace Prize Award 2011” (your article in Nation of 21st June 2011) - headed “Mancham Awarded Peace Prize for Statesmanship”.

In that article, you rightly stated that this year there were more than 1300 proposals out of which the selection committee of 13 members selected only 15 to be the laureates of 2011.

I am sure your readers would like to know the others who have been confirmed as Gusi Peace Laureates for this year:-

They are:-
(1)  Buzz Adin (USA), for his historic achievements in outer space and science. He landed on the moon in 1969, the Apollo 11 with astronauts Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins;

(2)  Governor M.K. Narayanan of West Bengal, Calcutta (INDIA), for governance;

(3)  Commissioner Norman Inkster (CANADA), for international law enforcement and peacekeeping;

(4)  Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi (INDIA), founder of the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, UNESCO prize winner, considered by the Guinness Book of Record as the largest school by pupils, for his contribution to world peace through education;

(5)  Education Minister Thakur Powdyel (BHUTAN), for his contribution in academe;

(6)  The Honourable Tekin Kucukali (TURKEY), the President of the National Red Cross of Turkey, for his contribution to social services and humanitarianism throughout Near East, Europe and Asia;

(7)  The Honourable Professor Amos C. Sawyer (LIBERIA), former President of Liberia, for peace building in Liberia and Africa;

(8)  Mrs Diana Uribe (COLUMBIA), a Simon Bolivar prize winner for journalism in the entire Latin America, Columbia’s respectable journalist, for freedom of expression through journalism;

(9)  Phra Maha Vudhaya Vajiramedhi (THAILAND), for his contribution to world peace as a national and celebrated leader of Buddhism through Dhamma teaching in Thailand, for social services and spiritual leadership;

(10) Dean Raul Sunico (PHILIPPINES), a world celebrated performing artist, applauded in his performance worldwide as a pianist;

(11) Professor Anton Antonov (BULGARIA), for his scientific invention and design of an apparatus for measurement of biophysical phenomena in humans;

(12) Professor Herbert Klima (AUSTRIA), for scientific invention, a renowned Biophysicist at the Vienna Institute of Nuclear Physics;

(13) Dr Wing Kun Tam (CHINA), current President of the Lions Club International based in Chicago, for his great contributions in social services and humanitarism throughout China and Asia.

James R. Mancham

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