President needs our full backing to fulfil his leadership role


Never in our history has Seychelles been so much the subject of international attention as today.

The circumstances surrounding the plight of the Costa Allegra have provided the opportunity of getting the world to know more and more about the alluring beauty of our islands and their great tourism potential; the fight against piracy has put in focus our manifest geo-political dimension in the Indian Ocean; the tie between Air Seychelles and Etihad Airways has projected the potential value to our economy of a successful collaborative relation with the UAE; and the Carnaval International de Victoria has reminded us of the inherent “joie de vivre” of our people in a world which is not smiling anymore.

Against this background stands the current leadership of President James A. Michel who has boldly affirmed in his state-of-the-nation address last week that his commitment for A NEW SEYCHELLES is an unequivocal one from which there will be no turn back:-

“…The people of Seychelles elected me on the promise of a New Seychelles. During the 2012 state-of-the- nation address I will, above all, direct my message to the Seychellois people, irrespective of our differences. My message is one that is sincere and frank, and which I believe is the foundation of this New Seychelles. It is a message which calls for elimination of obstacles that impede our progress and that harm Seychelles. We have done the talking. We have sung all the songs. We have listened, measured and weighed everything. Now is our moment. We now have to do things that are different.

A prosperous nation that is intelligent, united and harmonious. A society that is caring and compassionate. A responsible Government leading a force of workers who are disciplined, motivated and serious, and also responsible citizens who are ready to take responsibility for their own future. A country that empowers its citizens, that provides them with adequate resources and the tools to enable them to earn a living, and to create wealth. A country that has zero tolerance for corruption, criminality and social delinquency. A country that is actively encouraging innovation and creativity. We can all see ourselves in the New Seychelles. Striving hard for our New Seychelles is not a slogan. They are not empty words.

It is a necessity, an everyday way of life that is required if we are to protect what we have accomplished so far, and if we are to remain at the top of the mountain which took us many years to reach. A country where every drop of the sweat of our Seychellois workers is reflected in the smiles of our children, in the thoughts of our elderly and in the light of hope shining in the eyes of our young people. We have to work hard if we want to progress in the future, if we want to remain a Seychellois people who are healthy, well educated, and living in harmony, with our heads held high. A Seychellois people who know, and live, their dignity.

There are two conditions that are essential to enable us to progress even further.
Firstly, we have to ensure that we maintain what we have achieved so far. Secondly, we need to work hard, with intelligence and an enterprising spirit. There is no other way. And we have to be frank and realistic. There are many good things in our country. But there are also many things which need to be addressed and changed. And today, as we are talking about the state of the nation, we also have to speak about these things…”

Nobody should doubt the role which “leadership” must play if the changes President Michel has committed himself to bring about are to materialise. For this reason, it is important at this time for the President to know that he has the full backing of the people of Seychelles (not only the Seychellois but also those who have over recent times assumed Seychelles nationality). It should be left to the President to decide as to the distribution of ministerial responsibilities in a manner which makes him feel happy, secured and confident in the vital leadership role he must play now and in the future.
May God continue to bless and protect our Seychelles.

James R. Mancham

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