Crashing drones a worry


I read with great concerns the article in the last Seychelles Weekend Nation entitled: US drone crashes, no injuries reported.

The April issue of VIOAS magazine carries an article from the Los Angeles Times to the effect that the US Federal Aviation Administration has said that remotely piloted aircraft (drones) are not widely allowed in US National Airspace because they do not have an adequate “direct, sense and avoid” technology to prevent midair collisions.

In my view, two crashes of US drones, within months, off the Seychelles International Airport is enough of an eye-opener for us to seek an enquiry to determine whether the Civil Aviation Authority of Seychelles has seriously examined the implications of allowing drones to fly to and from the Seychelles International Airport, which is after all, a civilian airport with a growing number of traffic.

As is often stated, Prevention is better than cure. In the circumstances, what guarantee do we have that never will one of these drones crash upon or collide with an approaching or departing plane or crash on the air-control tower itself?

James R. Mancham

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